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A mammography is an x-ray image of the breast used to detect tumours and cysts often much earlier than can be detected by touch. The mammography equipment compresses the breast so that all the breast tissue can be more clearly seen.

CMED uses the latest in computerized mammography for the sharpest images possible and a faster exam.

At CMED, we provide follow-up examinations to compliment the routine mammogram if an abnormality is seen. Follow-up may include Breast ultrasound, and/or additional special mammography views (i.e. magnification or spot compression views). Our on-site Radiologist will then meet with the patient to discuss these additional exams.

Routine screening mammograms are available for patients ages 35 and above.

We welcome walk- in patients .

• Appointment is not necessary.
• Do not wear deodorant or body lotion the day of your procedure

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