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A Computer Tomography (CT) scan is used to evaluate injuries or diseases, allowing physicians to obtain wafer-thin cross-sections of the inside of the body. These highly detailed images assist the physician in making a quick and accurate diagnosis.


• Appointment is essential but not necessary.
• Chest CT – Do not eat or drink anything two hours before the exam. A chest x-ray is required for this procedure. Most CT scans require the administration of IV contrast media (x-ray dye). Patients over 50 and chronically ill will require current lab work (Kidney function Tests). If you have a history of allergies, please tell your doctor.
• Abdomen or Pelvis CT – Do not eat or drink anything four hours before the exam. These exams require that you drink an oral contrast, provided by the technologist, prior to your exam. Be prepared to be at the Centre for more than two (2) hours.

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